Racing cars – MET college

Various teams and students from MET college in Bandra (Mumbai) made these creative designs of Racing cars. Using Tentacles kit these projects were made during a 2-day workshop in the college in 2011.

We have posted these pictures so that students can get creative ideas for their Robots in Level 3.

Every product needs to look good hence aesthetic sense is extremely important to be developed. We become creative when such sense and understanding is developed strongly. Do not ignore “Creativity in Robotics”.

By encouraging various projects in Electronics, Mechanics & Robotics on a regular basis Eduprime strives to develop the creative side of young school students.

tentacles-robotics-eduprime-racing-car 2 Design 2

tentacles-robotics-eduprime-racing-car 3 Design 2

tentacles-robotics-eduprime-racing-car 4 Design 2

tentacles-robotics-eduprime-racing-car 5 Design 2

tentacles-robotics-eduprime-racing-car1-team Design 1 – Team (Winners)