Wireless car – handmade

Wireless car is an exciting project for school kids as they love playing with wireless cars or any wireless toy, much like drones. Making one of your own is always fascinating.

A student from 8th grade in D.G. Khetan International school of Mumbai created this project using Wireless Transmitter and receiver modules that he used during his Level 3 Robotics course in the school, in 2013. Yeah, quite long back, he is in college now. He created this project all by himself, after the course got completed.

Wireless control of Robots is utmost necessary to learn as an important module in learning about Robots. Wirless communication is used everywhere, and Robots will be communicated too wirelessly. Eduprime thereby includes learning of Wireless control and communication to ensure a broad understanding in subject of Robotics.

wireless-car-robotics-project-eduprime Wireless car model 1 – Eduprime Robotics

wireless-car-robotics-project-eduprime wireless car model 2 – Eduprime Robotics