Flapper – Ecole Mondiale

Flapper is a fun project in Electronics, where the flaps on each side move frequently as we move the whole device (we would like to call it a Robot) forward. It is made using 2 DC Motors and 2 wheels. It has a free wheel in the front and it is controlled using a Remote.

Remote control cars can be fancier and this is a good example of that. Many such designs were created by students of Ecole Mondiale school in Mumbai during a Robotics workshop in 2014. They learnt the remote control mechanism and then used a plastic moulding machine to create various designs for the creative and aesthetic appeal.

Robots need to look good!

flapper-ecole-mondiale-eduprime-robotics All the Flapper projects

flapper-ecole-mondiale-eduprime-robotics Stand-out project of Flapper

flapper-ecole-mondiale-eduprime-robotics Creator (student) of the stand-out project of Flapper

flapper-ecole-mondiale-eduprime-robotics Another interesting project of Flapper