Glowing cupcake – Elisha

Glowing cupcake – Elisha

Name: Elisha
Grade: 2
Place: Mumbai

Level in Eduprime Robotics course: 1

Projects: Glowing cupcake, doorbell, spidey wind-mill.

Who says girls don’t learn Robotics? Elisha not only was a young starter in this subject, but her energy and enthusiasm was notably high. She was also one of the naughtiest kid of the class in Mumbai; while also being very particular about her stuff. Basically arts inclined yet the fascination with Science was evident. Every part of her projects had to be neat; her Maker Breaker kit box also was always tidy. She took time in doing the experiments but she would never leave anything out. She is also very competitive.
Make us proud Elsiha!

Glowing cupcake by Elisha

Door bell by Elisha

Spidey fan