Cruiser boat – Aarin

Name: Aarin
Grade: 2
Centre: Cuffe Parade
Place: Mumbai

Level in Eduprime Robotics course: 1

Projects: Cruiser Boat, wind mill.

Aarin was not even 8 when he enrolled for the course. It is difficult to say and prove that robotics can be introduced at an early age. But these kids defy the odds and prove that- yes it can be. The best thing about him was his memory and grasping skills. He was very quick to understand the circuits and explain its working. When it comes to implementing the circuit, he was swift! Being attentive and innovative are his key skills, but somewhere he is a bit lazy when it comes to writing. And homework is definitely not his thing 😉

But, Aarin overcame his laziness in one of the sessions where he came up with a project. He used his cruise ship model and converted that model into a working ship. With the model he added his Maker Breaker kit and made a working model. The propeller was placed at the rear part of the ship for the ship to move. A Slide switch controlled the propeller attached to the motor. Of course, there was no one to anchor or steer the ship, but the joy after making that ship sail in water is immense!