Hanging light – Vaidehi

Name: Vaidehi
Grade: 8
Place: Mumbai

Level in Eduprime Robotics course: 1

Projects: Lantern, Air dispenser, Decorative lamp

Before joining the course, Vaidehi had a little knowledge about physics and electronics. She was afraid of the subject and hence never gave a try. The reason she joined the program was to try and fight the fear of physics and electronics. And guess what, she emerged victorious in the battle. The fear of physics is lost now and instead she developed an interest to know more in it. She showed us what happens when creativity meets technology! Her projects were absolutely brilliant and out of the box. The projects used to be well-finished as if she is about to launch a new product in the market. Everyone in the batch used to wait for her project and she also took the limelight by displaying her project in the end every time. She still continues to create project, not only the creative ones; but creative + technical ones.

Her first project was this beautiful hanging light which she is holding proudly. As you can see, the body was made of plastic bottle but the colours she chose to paint it with were so appealing. This project was an example of ‘best out of waste’. She used the Maker Breaker kit along with the other craft materials to finish up the project. The moment you switch it on, the light would glow. The combination of white light with that colourful lantern was so fascinating. And in dark, the hanging light is ablaze with colour.