Mosquito repellant model – Aarav

Name: Aarav
Grade: 2
Place: Mumbai
Level in Eduprime Robotics course: 1

Project: Mosquito repellent model.

We do our robotics course with kids of age 8 years and above. Aarav was only 7 when he got enrolled for our course. He was very interested to do robotics because he always wanted to make a robot on his own. Aarav is very quiet and shy boy but at a same time he pays lots of interest while experimenting something. Initially we both went slowly. But once he was through the kit, he hardly required me for assembling the components. He loves Motu Patlu (cartoon show) and he shares their story with me. Now he had new kit among other DIY kits in his home. He keeps assembling the components from one DIY kit to another to create something new.