Amey-electronics-eduprime-refrigerator door

Refrigerator light – Amey

Name: Amey
Grade: 8
Center: Ghatkopar
City: Mumbai

Level in Eduprime Robotics course: 1

Project: Refrigerator Door

Project details:
Ever wondered what happens to the light inside the refrigerator when the door gets closed? It gets OFF, but how? This question boggled one of our students, Amey. And once he understood the working of light sensor, he used his knowledge to demonstrate the working of refrigerator light. The light inside his mini refrigerator is controlled by a light sensor (LDR). When the door is open, light falls on LDR which causes the LED to glow and when the door is closed, the LDR is in dark and it does not allow the LED to glow. The LDR is placed strategically such that light should fall on it instantly when the door is open. And take a close look at his refrigerator, he worked hard to give his refrigerator a good colour with a brand name and power rating. Also two small handles to open the door. A boy putting a lot of effort in creative art is rarely seen. Keep it up Amey!

Refrigerator light model by Amey