Refrigerator light – Priyesh

Name: Priyesh
Grade: 6
Center: Ghatkopar
Place: Mumbai

Level in Eduprime Robotics course: 1

Projects: Spin-o-wheel, Refrigerator light, Automatic streetlight.

Project details:
Priyesh, a technology enthusiast, filled with curiosity to learn and try new things in electronics. He was always eager to get his hands on every component and would try for himself even before it was introduced. His experiments used to be neat and complete. And the projects were excellent too. He made a refrigerator model (with the help of his father) and demonstrated the working of light in it. Everyone, including me was amazed by the sheer brilliance he used to display a small working model.

The big fat refrigerator made of Polystyrene (thermocol) is visible in the picture. The refrigerator could have been a single door refrigerator, but the purpose of dual door was to explain and show the working of the light inside it. The light (LED) and the light sensor (LDR) was placed brilliantly. He would only open and close the upper door, so that everyone can see its effect on the light. So, whenever the door opens the light would glow and when the door is closed the light goes OFF. This is what happens exactly in a refrigerator; well, we do not have light sensors but a switch to control the light. But this was genius!

P.S. The black cover on the refrigerator was also on purpose, as black colour will not allow the light to pass. Genius indeed!