Sliding Torch – Ishaan

Name: Ishaan
Grade: 2
Centre: Ghatkopar west
City: Mumbai

Level in Eduprime Robotics course: 1

Project: Torch

Project Details:
This torch had a very unique way of operation. The 8 year old boy Ishaan would always come up with new ideas for every problem. His designing technique was unorthodox, barring the conventional designing procedures. This torch of course had a battery and LED but was operated with a Slide switch. And yes, also the other materials from his Maker Breaker kit for the structure. The Slide switch helps the torch to be ON even when you leave the switch. But the way to operate slide switch was splendid. A cardboard box was used to cover the whole body of torch and the box was divided in two parts. The first part was in front, ahead of the switch and the other part behind the switch. When anyone pushes or sides the box from behind, it would push the side switch and the torch works. Wasn’t that wonderful?