Spin-o-wheel – Rakshit

Name: Rakshit
Grade: 2
Center: Ghatkopar
City: Mumbai

Level in Eduprime Robotics course: 1

Project: Spin-o-wheel

Project Details:
This is a spin-o-wheel with fun activities loaded in it, designed by Rakshit. Combining his craft materials with his Maker Breaker kit he completed his colourful project. The wheel (disc) in this project was stationary and the pointer (arrow) would rotate with the help of motor as it was attached on its shaft. A Tact switch controlled the motor’s rotation. On a players turn, the player would press the switch for some time and then release it. Once the motor stops spinning, the arrow points the activity for the player to perform. The tasks mentioned on the wheel were super fun. He made the whole batch play with it and do various tasks.

Spin-o-wheel by Rakshit