Torch – Dev

Name: Dev
Grade: 8
Centre: Charni Road
City: Mumbai

Level in Eduprime Robotics course: 1

Project: Torch

Project details:
Take a look at this torch; it looks like a real product. But of course it is not the ready torch that we get from the store. It is a project completely made by one of our students. Dev created this torch using the level 1 kit along with craft materials for its compact look. The components used to make the torch were well hidden under the cover. Only the switch and the light were visible; as if it was an actual product. This was really impressive, the hard work Dev did to come up with this project. When you press the switch, the light turns ON. Tact switch was used to control the light and so only momentary control was possible. This project gives you an idea what happens when analytical skills combine with creative skills!

Torch model by Dev