Aayush-electronic-eduprime-hand fan

Hand Fan – Aayush

Name: Aayush
Grade: 5
Center: Ghatkopar
City: Mumbai

Level in Eduprime Robotics course: 1

Project: Hand fan

Project Details:
Generally, what do you put in your compass box? The answer would be pens, pencils, eraser, scale and so on. Ever wondered if a fan could be incorporated in a compass box? Yes, it is perplexing but Aayush made it possible. He converted his compass box into a portable hand fan using the Maker Breaker kit. The box had the circuitry hidden inside and a switch and propeller was outside. The moment you slide the switch, the motor turns on. This moves the propeller and provides air. Also you can still put your stationery items in the box. Isn’t this interesting?