Model of a house – Serena

Name: Serena
Grade: 2
Centre: Ghatkopar
City: Mumbai

Level in Eduprime Robotics course: 1

Project: Model of a house

Project Details:
Well, we all have electricity at home which runs various electrical and electronics component in our house. But did we ever wonder how all the devices work? What happens whenever we press a switch? How the devices start working? How does the current flow? The answer is NO! We never find enough time to go through this. But when Serena learned about the electronic circuits, she related the concepts with the real world applications. She designed the house model that you can see in the picture with her art and craft work.

She added the Maker Breaker kit components to the house and demonstrated the working of a light, fan and a door-bell in her house.The house model had a small door and it will be opened when someone rings the bell by pressing the switch. The interior of the model had few chairs, a table and a bed in it. A switch controlled the fan and the LED which served as the light. Whenever the switch was pressed, the light would glow and fan starts working. The interiors of the house was so good that it can make you to visit and have a cup of coffee in that house. Maybe, she could be a good electrical engineer or a better interior designer 😉

Model of a house by Serena