priyesh-electronics-eduprime-wheel of fortune

Wheel of fortune – Priyesh

Name: Priyesh
Grade: 6
Center: Ghatkopar
City: Mumbai

Level in Eduprime Robotics course: 1

Project: Wheel of fortune

Project details:
Want to try your luck? Do you want to see whether the fortune favours you or not? Please try the game designed by Priyesh. A wheel of fortune to test your luck; it has got some big prize, small prize, a jackpot and even another chance to play. But most importantly, it also has a large portion where your luck runs out; ‘you lose’. This game used the Maker Breaker kit and creativity of Priyesh. He used a motor on which the arrow was fixed. Thus, the motor rotates the arrow on the circular board where you get to test your fate. The motor is controlled by a switch momentarily; it means when you press the switch, the motor spins but when you release it, the motor stops. And the arrow points your fortune, but unfortunately no one got the jackpot yet. But you can try 😛